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Voice from customers

i have used other Macro's but this is the best i have worked with. Well done! Five star! 10/10 ! -- Michael menhenott

"Easy to use and excellent stability" - Ricky

The reason I choose auto macro recorder was: I have been trying recorder products off and on for about 6 months now and running them through various tests and iterations. No other product I came across maintained the integrity for complex macros like auto macro recorder. Even more expensive recorders worked well, but in my opinion other recorders were not as stable or as easy to use. >Stable >Easy to use >Best value I am writing this as an unbiased consumer who just wanted a product that works well and I can count on and I found it.

"Easy to use Macro Recorder." - Frank

Excellent! Very easy to use and it's so stable. Indicate replay status clearly.

"Accomplished my job" - Chadinzski

After I had told it not to record the mouse movements (keyboard only), and then learned and edited the script, it worked great for me. I did have trouble once with not being able to stop a loop in progress, but was able to get it on a save screen where it finally wore itself out.

"East to use and very powerful" - Macro tester

You can record as many macros as you want and save as many as you want; its really as easy as point and click, it has powerful advanced features. Over all the best product and the best value.

"Top product" - Belinda Eden

It's the top product of Macro software I can find on internet!

2004-5-28 v4.2
Add AskForInput command
Reduce the cpu usage rate
Support more languages

2004-2-1 v4.0
Support Multi languages - Dutch , German , Japanese Use "Change Language" to change the language. Support "Build Stand-alone" Fix bugs Add random command to avoid some softwares check if you are using macro software (see random.scp file)
2003-11-9 v3.8
Support MinWindow MaxWindow CloseWindow ,control current active window See Tips to know details . When it is recording ,you can press F10 key to save current active window's position.When replay,it'll restore the window to the same position.
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