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1.How to stop replay?

2.Why report "missing msimg32.dll"?

3.How to use Command Line to run Auto Macro Recorder?

4.How to use Dos Command in scripts?

5.Always report "Already run" ,how to quit Auto Macro Recorder?

6.How to record/replay immediately to avoid lost focus on current window?

7.How to change Hotkey of Auto Macro Recorder?

8.Want more hotkey replay?

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This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Anja Skrba from

How to stop replay?

Press F8 to stop replay at any time.

Why report "missing msimg32.dll"?

This program need msimg32.dll and gdi32.dll WinNT user should extract "" to the installation folder of AutoRecorder.

You can find "" in the which you downloaded from this site.

How to use Command Line to run Auto Macro Recorder?

In dos window , you can use "auto xxx.scp" to run the xxx.scp file. Use "auto quit" to quit Auto Macro Recorder.

How to use Dos Command in scripts?

Use Dos Command in scripts- Example:

RUN(command /c copy c:\config.sys c:\config.bk1) (For Win98)

RUN(cmd /c copy c:\boot.ini d:\boot.bk1) (For Win2k)

Always report "Already run" ,how to quit Auto Macro Recorder?
"Already run" means Auto Macro Recorder is running, you should quit it first ,then use command line to run it again. To quit it,you can use dos command "auto quit" .
How to record/replay immediately to avoid lost focus on current window?

Check "Use default.scp when press F10" in Setting, you can start to record without inputing file name. It'll record your operation to default.scp file.

Setup "F7 hot replay file" in setting ,press F7 to start to replay without inputing file name.

How to change hotkey of Auto Macro Recorder?
You can run AutoHotkey.exe to change the hotkey of AutoMacroRecorder.
Want more Hotkey replay?
You can edit setting.ini file,in [HotReplayKey] setction 0=c:\1.scp means use Ctrl+Alt+0 to replay 1.scp , 1= ..., 2= ... you can get 10 more hotkeys! (Restart Auto Macro Recorder to enable these hotkeys)
More Question?

Mailto to get technical support.

2013-3-28 v5.82
Support windows 8


2004-2-1 v4.0
Support Multi languages - Dutch , German , Japanese Use "Change Language" to change the language. Support "Build Stand-alone" Fix bugs Add random command to avoid some softwares check if you are using macro software (see random.scp file)
2003-11-9 v3.8
Support MinWindow MaxWindow CloseWindow ,control current active window See Tips to know details . When it is recording ,you can press F10 key to save current active window's position.When replay,it'll restore the window to the same position.
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