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How to Purchase and Register?
The registration fee for Auto Macro Recorder is only USD $29.95. If you would like to purchase license for Auto Macro Recorder,you can take a secure online order:
You need a credit card for payment.

To pay by paypal, click this button:

Remember! You should visit to get registration code manaully after you make payment via paypal.

If you want to pay by other ways,please view the bottom of this page.

Pricing ---
Site license for AutoRecorder entitles an organization to receive one copy of the distribution package and to duplicate the software as necessary for use within the organization on the specified number of computers. So with the "Site license", we'll give you ONE Username/GroupName and Registration Code.You can use the AutoRecorder with this Registration code on different computers of one organization(or one person).

Computer numbers and Price

1 US $29.95

2 -4 US $25 each

5 - 10 US $20 each

50 Users Site License US $250

200 Users Site License US $389

Unlimited Site License US $778

Please click this link to purchase Site license, then email to us and tell us the user name/company name you want to register for your company.

License for Computer Number

Normal License: With "Normal license",we'll give you Username and Registration code for each copy you've ordered.

Computer numbers: Price

Every Single Copy US $29.95

Contact us if you want to buy many copies.

Other Purchasing ways:

FAX ordering

Postal Mail


Purchase Order



Support Windows 10


Support Windows 7


Support Windows Vista


2004-5-28 v4.2
Add AskForInput command
Reduce the cpu usage rate
Support more languages

2004-2-1 v4.0
Support Multi languages - Dutch , German , Japanese Use "Change Language" to change the language. Support "Build Stand-alone" Fix bugs Add random command to avoid some softwares check if you are using macro software (see random.scp file)
2003-11-9 v3.8
Support MinWindow MaxWindow CloseWindow ,control current active window See Tips to know details . When it is recording ,you can press F10 key to save current active window's position.When replay,it'll restore the window to the same position.
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